How to download youtube video on PC for FREE – In 2021

How to download youtube video on PC for FREE – In 2021

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I still remember that day when I was using youtube, and I liked one of the songs and I badly wanted to download that video into my gallery, but unfortunately, I did not know how to download youtube videos.

I knew that it is possible to download youtube videos into a gallery or Internal storage but did not new how to download youtube videos and guess what I google and saw tons of youtube videos, tutorials. The steps described by the YouTubers were either was lengthy, or full of ads.

After hours of research, I finally found the best and easiest way to download youtube videos into my gallery. It was a complete west of time and suddenly I came to know that there are many like me who are facing the same problems.

Therefore, I thought of saving your precious time by sharing my method on how to download YouTube videos in just two simple steps, paying no dollars, and it is free. So with no further delay, let’s dive right into it.

how to download youtube videos on PC and Laptop

In this method, we are going to download youtube videos into your PC or laptop online installing no software or extension for FREE.

#Step-1 Copy the youtube video’s URL

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The first step is to select the youtube video you want to download into your gallery and copy the URL of that Video.

#Step-2 past the URL on the and click download

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After copying the URL paste the URL. Search on google for go on this website ( and paste the copied linked of the videos and click download. The video will automatically start downloading into your gallery.

Trick to download youtube videos

You can skip the first step discussed above and Jump directly to the downloading site. You need to Insert [ss] in the URL [add ss in the URL after…..] of the video you want to download and press Enter.


After Inserting ss on the youtube video URL, and it will redirect you to Step 2.

NOTE: you can also apply this step for downloading youtube videos into mobile for both IOS and android. This also works for the Mack book users.

I hope this trick was helpful to you and now you will never ask a question on how to download youtube videos.

Thanks for reading also share this trick with your friends and family and dint forget to share your thoughts about this trick.

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