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There are very few things in our life where we intensively and with several trials cannot find out the mistakes. Then comes the moment where we know the actual meaning of perfection in an exact and clear way. 

A few days ago, I felt exactly like this when I was watching the special movies. This movie was one of the best suspense thriller movies of Indian Cinema. The movie has such suspense that by sitting in one place you will get a visit to a Hollywood cinema. 

The movie has a wonderful story and has a strength that can represent India on an Oscar level. The name of the Movie is Ratsasan, which means demon and rakshas in Hindi. Ratsasan was released in 2018 in the Tamil version. The movie has got an 8.7/10 IMDb rating

It is freely available on youtube in Hindi dubbing. The 2 hours 15 minutes long movie is a masterpiece and epic movie. The story of the movie will keep you in a hangover for several days and your mind will automatically work in 200%. I promise you after reading the blog post you cannot stop yourself from watching this movie.

Story of the Ratsasan Movie

There is a unique police officer who wants to become a film director but because of family pressure he unwillingly has to join as police, but there comes twice in the story and his life as a policeman becoming filmy. 

One by one there start becoming murders of the schoolgirls where the schoolgirls are being kidnaped, torture, and thrown them into different locations in the city. The murder starts with a gift and there is a similar pattern followed by the psychopath killer in the story.

In the movie there are some deadly scenes, visualising them is giving me a goosebump. They add the incidences in such a way that shows the killer is mentally ill.

After that in the story, the police officers started seeking a serial killer, but the serial killer is not an ordinary killer. Behind every Murder, there is a mystery, and a hidden motive of the psychopath or serial killer and to decode the mystery they need a smart and intelligent mind.

Here the police officer who wanted to become the film director, his talent, came into use and he thinks like a criminal where he creates a master plan to catch the psychopath.

Will the police officer be able to catch the psychopath killer?

What is the reason behind the killing of the innocent school girls? To find the answer of that you need to watch the movies. 

The things that make Ratsasan different from other movies are the Hollywood level of direction, some time it shows the modern history, suspense and thrill. In the movies there are some fears and disturbing senses where you might need to close your eyes. 

In every changing situation in the scene, there are different levels of suspense revealed. The directors have tried to bring two different stories parallelly.

If you want to experience world-class cinema with a suspense thriller, then the movie is the best for you. Therefore, don’t miss the Ratsasan movie. You can watch the Movie on Hotstar and it is also available on Youtube in Hindi dubbing for free.

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